Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In The Red Corner: The McDonald's Quarter Pounder

For more than a week I have been craving for a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. I know it’s quite big and “not the right choice” for people who would not want to gain weight and are “health conscious” but I’ve been pining for it for many days and the only way to get over it is to have it!

Last night I decided to “get over it” by munching down one… I wanted to take a better photo of the QP before giving it its due sentence but there were a lot of people over there especially “sosyal” high school kids from St. Mary’s and I did not want to look like a stupid ignoramus who just had sight of a QP for the very first time! After two or three attempts of taking a photo of the venerated QP, I began my slow yet delightful demise. I know vegetarians would have bashed cruel words towards me if they saw the glee in my eyes while savoring a quarter pound of really yummy meat! I know a lot of people despise onions and pickles in their burger but I loved the zing they gave me and they played their roles well in being “neutralizers” to the greasy meat. The cheese, well I need not say more about it…it was melted and soooo…oooh la la…

I know it seems like I’m making a big deal out of a QP but hey, this is actually a eulogy of one of my favorite burgers. The one I had last night could be my last QP in this lifetime because I think I should cut down on the food I put in my pie hole. However, if and when there are people who can convince me to have another one, maybe I’ll give QP another try.


Anonymous said...

Ang walang kamatayang QP. Okay lang yan. Panalagsa ra mg QP hehe.

Odessa said...

haha! at long last :D

pizza's next in line right ? :D

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