Monday, October 27, 2008

Turn Your Lights On

This is a picture with memories of days long gone...

I was about to cross the street from the city's Cathedral, having come from the Ash Wednesday mass (Yes, I AM CATHOLIC). I brought the cam with me and I took some pictures of the fountain and other surroundings. I took this pic even though my hands were a bit shaky and decided to play with the shutter speed. I liked the effect of the lights...this could have been better if I got a tripod with me but then I didn't that's why the pic is kinda blurry.

My friend and former work mate Lor was with me when we went to mass and when I took pictures of the fountain. She already went home when I took this shot. She's not feeling well that time and I am not so sure if she is feeling better nowadays. I hope and pray she's getting better.

The building in the background is the hospital where I get my monthly shot of meds to help me recover from my ugly predicament. Every time I go to the hospital to get shots, I try to drop by the church or if I can't because I am too LAZY to do so, I just look at it and whisper a prayer in the wind that things will be better.

A couple of weeks ago tests were done and the meds seem to be effective. Well they should be! Hahaha! I will continue to get shots every month until the time comes for new tests. Hopefully, in time I will be totally well.

Nights are not always dark... It's all up to us if and when we're going to turn our lights on...

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