Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Read between the lines...


No, I am not going to write about that epic movie because I am such a loser I haven't seen the whole film.

Why 300? Three freaking hundred because it is such a small number to somebody who is used to grandiose Cecil B DeMille stuff.

300 PhP can buy you a cell phone prepaid card which can last less than 300 minutes.
300 steps a day is never enough to get your blood to circulate properly.
300 pages of a book can tell a really interesting story or a boring, hanging one.
300 SMS a day when you subscribe to unlimited text is so freaking...LUGI...
300 blinks can be done normally within 15 minutes.
300 words are not enough for me to express myself in a quality article.

I know that it is not in the number of words we can equate the quality of the articles we write either in blog posts or in other areas. Sometimes a single word can express the crux of the situation yet sometimes less is not really more.

Last weekend my friend said that in advertising or promotions, less words and powerful ones create more impact since people would not bother to read the small text in an ad. He got his point.

However, in an article which is supposed to be informative and interesting, do you think 300 words is enough? I dunno, I must be such a damned complaining bitch but I don't think that's enough. Why set limitations to articles which people can learn a lot from? Why risk quality with less expression?

I don't know.

Maybe it's about time to delete my Cecil B DeMille fantasies from my ADHD otherwise "talkative" fingers which are possessed with demons once they get themselves on a computer keyboard.

I don't know.

What's written within the lines are exactly 300 words. Copy, paste, and view WordCount if you doubt me. Hahahaha!

Pardon me for all my expletives, sarcasm, and stupidity.

I just like complaining today.

No more bad posts or complaints in the future I promise. :D

Then maybe I might break my promise...


Odessa said...

this can be read as : HEY!! if justice is blind at least maybe she can write! :)

give to julius ceasar what belongs to him , give enough credit to those who really deserve it, right?


:) im all for you!! :D

WARSHOCK said...

keep complaining friend, nice reading. ha ha.. a break from the usual posts in the blogworld.. happy blogging.

bevs said...

...indeed it is 300 words> whoa! just really great more than that.... fabulous!
You made me envious again anjie, or your wit and intelligence and that is the first darling!

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