Monday, November 3, 2008

A Crappy Love Story

"What can you say about a twenty-five year old girl who died? That she was beautiful and brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Bach. The Beatles. And me."

That was the first line in the film Love Story and believe me it was such a sentimental old movie that I had the nerve to watch for the second time. I have seen it about four or five years ago but I watched it in between winks. The plot was simple: he’s a rich and smart jock who hailed from an aristocratic family while she’s a poor but super smart girl who made it to one of the top schools in the country. Anyway, I’m not patron of American culture since it’s not our culture but majority of us are trying to copy or assimilate it into our own. It’s not like the typical Pinoy story back then but some are trying to make their stories like this one.

Back to the so-called love story, well the star-crossed lovers met in a library where they were trying to outsmart each other with wits and arguments and from then on they were on each other’s nerves(???) and seemed to get along well even though they came from different social backgrounds.

Time passed and they eventually got married, to the chagrin of the guy’s father who severed ties with him and left him destitute. The girl’s dad however was cool, he even allowed his daughter to call him with his first name! The couple got married in a then- “weird” ceremony where they got married to each other by saying their vows in their own way and didn’t have a religious service combined with the ceremony. Cool huh? No religion…Imagine…

The guy went to law school while the gal worked her ass off and put her dreams on hold in order to provide for the both of them. When he finished law school he was one of the top graduates and eventually worked with a high-status firm and they became happy New Yorkers. The couple tried to procreate yet they couldn’t because the girl was sick as hell and was dying. Time came when the girl’s condition worsened and they could not afford the treatments anymore. The guy went to his father and asked for money but never told him the real reason what the money is for. The girl eventually died and when the guy’s rich father found out and could have helped them for better health care, it was too late.

Tragic? In a way it is if it were not a movie and if it happened in real life. However, there are way more tragic stories which have happened and are happening in the real world which are sort of similar to the movie. What draws attention to the story is how the both of them broke social barriers and stood up for what they really felt for each other. Too bad their story got cut short and never had the chance to bloom well…well that’s the point…it wouldn’t have caught the viewers’ attention if it was a happily-ever-after thingy.

The point of making this blog post? I wanted to write about it because the first line of the movie caught my attention…

I keep wondering if every girl who ever liked Mozart, Bach, and The Beatles will die young. I love those musicians…I got their CDs for proof! Thank goodness I am not beautiful and brilliant…those attributes would have cut my life short… Hahahaha!


Anonymous said...

oist, i love love story.. as in.. i cried when i read the book and i cried when i saw the movie.. i love the theme song too.. weee

AMP said...

hehehehe! nindot bya bah pero murag weirdan lang ko...hehehe! my friend in college wanted me to read the book.. by erich segal right? ang akong gi-read was the one about doctors... i forgot the title... hehehe!

kaycee said...

Hey, thanks for posting this. I saw this old movie after reading the book. I love Erich Segal & this story just made cry so much... :(

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