Friday, December 5, 2008

Ape Ape Hooray!

One Gorilla's Opinion

It had been quite an eventful week and I have had my share of undesirable flu. Bevs suddenly sent the link to this image and at that moment I knew I'm going to post it here and here it is! Weeee!

The guy who took this photo swore he never manipulated the pic, no Photoshop, no bull... The ape got a tendon disease and the symbol stated by her middle finger is kind of a permanent condition on her hand. Either the middle finger sign was intended or not, I love the shot. Thanks for cooperating big ape!

Gorillas are the largest of the living primates and they are ground-dwelling herbivores who live in the forests of Africa (and in zoos tsk tsk!). The DNA of gorillas is said to be 98% to 99% identical to that of a human being and they are the next closest living relatives to humans after the two chimpanzee species. Whaaaat??? Do you want to be called a relative of a gorilla??? Tsk tsk...

I remember seeing the movie Congo when I was in early high school and the domesticated gorilla in the film was quite smart, did American Sign Language and painted some stuff. Now I'm wondering if the film employed a real gorilla or a person in a gorilla suit... Maybe that gorilla in the movie is related to the gorilla in the pic above... Doing sign language stuff... LOL!

Anyway, I chose to post this photo because of the middle finger thingy... That's the whole point... Since I don't want to post my own ugly pic with my middle finger in the air, I'll just let this ape do her thing...

One big F**K YOU to FLU...

...and another one to some people out there who love sour graping because they didn't get what they want and they got crucified... tsk tsk... bato bato sa langit... :p

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