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GMA is NOT Manny Pacquiao

Well I bet everybody has already read Why GMA is NOT Jesus Christ... Now I am posting Mr. Conrado de Quiros' article on why Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is not like the great boxer Manny Pacquiao. I think I need not explain more since Mr. de Quiros already made very important points. Enjoy reading :D

Why Arroyo is not Pacquiao
By Conrado de Quiros

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 00:49:00 12/09/2008

The only sour note in every victory by Manny Pacquiao is MalacaƱang rushing to take credit for it. Indeed, not just rushing to take credit for it but rushing to identify with it, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo specifically appropriating Pacquiao’s persona and posturing as the Pacquiao of Philippine politics, or even of the world. It’s almost a cinch, or at least it has far better odds than Pacquiao got as “dejado” in his fight against Oscar de la Hoya, that she will use Pacquiao’s latest, and most glorious, fight to push for Charter change more strenuously, drawing parallels between the two.

Hence, this column:

Ms Arroyo is not Pacquiao because:

When Ms Arroyo travels to the United States to personally congratulate the president-elect of that country, she is snubbed by the president-elect. When Pacquiao travels to the United States to personally train before a major fight, he is welcomed with a red carpet by the heads of the various boxing organizations. Half the time it is Pacquiao who snubs the fawning heads of the boxing organizations, or at least their even more fawning subalterns.

When Ms Arroyo attends a meeting of world leaders, her views are not solicited either by her colleagues or the media. Only her press secretary and spokesperson are there to report to her credulous compatriots (or so they deem us to be, not entirely without reason) how she lectured the world leaders on how to solve the global economic crisis and how they listened to her in rapt attention. When Pacquiao fights a fight, particularly one as huge as the last one with Oscar de la Hoya, the various boxing groups vie to hold press conferences for him and the sportswriters push and shove to ask him questions, hanging on to his every word. Half the time he is so busy training to want to humor them, though he has been known to exchange pleasantries with the training camp help and Recah Trinidad.

Ms Arroyo desperately tries to look world-class, hobnobbing (or attempting to hobnob) with the world’s most powerful personages in hopes of their luster rubbing off on her. Certainly with a view to having herself photographed with them to suggest to her countrymen that despite her diminutive stature, she stands heads and shoulders with the world’s titans. Pacquiao doesn’t bother with looking world-class, he knows so, he is so. The boxing world’s most powerful personages try to hobnob with him in hopes of his luster rubbing off on them, or, as in the case of other fighters, in hopes of his formidable fighting spirit rubbing off on them. His countrymen can only stand in awe as, despite his diminutive stature, he stands heads and shoulders above the world’s greats, or would-be greats.

Ms Arroyo is inch by inch possibly the worst leader in the world today. Pacquiao is pound by pound possibly the best boxer in the world today.

When Ms Arroyo ran against the hugely popular and seemingly invincible Fernando Poe Jr., she needed to call up an official of the Commission on Elections during the counting to make sure she would win, specifically asking, “Will I still win by one million votes?” When Pacquiao fought the hugely popular and seemingly invincible De la Hoya, he did not need to whisper to the judges, “So, will I still win by decision even if I do not knock him out?”

When Ms Arroyo ran against the Goliath Fernando Poe Jr., nobody knew how the votes, particularly in Mindanao, Poe’s turf, were counted, which ended up prohibitively in her favor. The general in charge of the area was prevented from speaking out against the anomalies and even court-martialed. When Pacquiao took to the ring against the Goliath de la Hoya, everybody saw how he did it, how blow by blow, jab by jab, sweat by sweat, he fashioned a masterful job, turning the fight prohibitively in his favor. No one, not even De la Hoya himself, prevented his corner from throwing in the towel, everyone breathing a sigh of relief that they did so.

Ms Arroyo is the disputed queen of her own country. Pacquiao is the undisputed king of the world lightweight division—and probably soon of the welterweight as well.

Ms Arroyo says she will push for Charter change but only to change the economic framework of the country, the better to deal with the global crisis, not to extend term limits. Six years ago this month, she announced that for the good of the country, specifically in order not to cause never-ending divisiveness, she would not run for president. She did anyway, and won insidiously. Pacquiao said he would shift to a higher weight class the better to test the limits of his abilities and extend the range of his domination. Some months ago he announced that for the honor of his country, he would take on one of the legends of boxing and do everything in his power to make that country proud of him. He did as he said, and won brilliantly.

Ms Arroyo’s Charter change evokes Clint Eastwood’s aphorism in one of his Dirty Harry movies, “A man’s got to know his limitations,” which applies to woman as well. Pacquiao’s victory evokes Browning’s great line: “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s heaven for.”

Pacquiao has brought honor to his country. Ms Arroyo has brought shame to her country. Pacquiao is adored by his countrymen, even when he sings karaoke. Ms Arroyo is reviled by her countrymen, even when she tries to sing a different tune. Each time Pacquiao comes home, he is treated like a conquering hero. Each time Ms Arroyo comes home, she is treated like an uncontainable plague. Wherever Pacquiao goes, he is mobbed by adoring fans, eager to touch him. Wherever Ms Arroyo goes, she is met by an angry mob, eager to lynch her. Pacquiao has united his countrymen by giving them to see the best that they can be. Ms Arroyo has divided her countrymen by giving them to see the worst that they can be.

The nation would love Pacquiao to reign forever. The nation would love to see Ms Arroyo step down now.

As long as people can see that the president is not honestly serving her countrymen, there will be people who will criticize every move she makes. She'd better repent NOW... Lord I pray she'll come to her senses... Unless she really wants to be lynched by an angry mob someday...


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