Monday, December 22, 2008

An Ode to No One

The day had been quite gloomy and in a way it may have affected my mood and other people's moods as well... It's just a couple of days away from Christmas and I guess I am turning into a GRINCH. The season's supposed to be what, HOLY(???) but as I have observed over the years it has become more commercialized and shallow. There are some people who still keep the true spirit of Christmas but then we can't avoid people who love spoiling the event with all their shallow ramblings... Well I might be labeled as one of those shallow people... With all my shallow and useless ramblings I know I will never be able to escape sharp claws of more powerful Grinches out there. Tsk tsk tsk!

Here's a song to all of you out there who might want to say something to no particular people but would just love to rant and rave about anything and everything under the sky...

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Kev said...

Actually, Christmas is not the only festival that has been commercialized. Other festivals around the world like Chinese New Year (the Buddhists/Taoists), Eidul Fitri (the Muslims) and Diwali (the Hindus), for instance, have fallen victims to commercialization too.

Well, Merry Christmas to you, anyway :)

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