Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Early today I had a brush with negative energy and suddenly this phrase came to mind and got stuck there for a while. Well I guess it got stuck for more than a while because it became my Skype and YM status for the whole day and I even bothered to post an entry about it! Tsk tsk!

Anyway, whoever though of this phrase? Some say that it is an Arab proverb and others say that there is an identical Chinese proverb with the same connotation. It is a phrase appropriate for two people or groups or countries who have a common enemy, thus they become "friends".

This phrase does not apply only to people and foreign policies but it is also being applied in nature, business, and all other fields which create friends and enemies of each other. There are even verses in the Bible which mention being allies with an enemy's enemy.

It's already 2009... Make love not war...

As for those who still love sowing negative energy around, tsk tsk... Good luck to you! :D

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