Saturday, February 28, 2009

Earn Money Through Blog Advertising

Exactly four years ago, a good friend introduced me to blogging. For years I had been interested with the internet yet at that time I did not know much about blogs. A blog, which is a contraction of the term web log, is a website with regular entries either of commentaries, descriptions of events, videos, photos and other media. Blogs have many functions including as online diaries, information sites, or as entertainment portals for various people.

My very first blog was an online diary where I posted events in my life, my views on things, photographs, artworks, as well as poetry I wrote and music of some musicians I love. I maintained that blog for personal purposes. I didn’t know until last year that I will be able to get paid to post an article on my blog. Blogs are the most functional media on the internet nowadays and since blogs can contain almost anything the blogger wishes to post in it, it can also be used to generate income.

Blog advertising is one of the most effective forms of endorsing products on the internet. Bloggers can write reviews about products they believe in and they can get paid for doing so. Advertisers will be spending a lot of money if they advertise their products on television and through print media. However, if they choose to advertise their wares on blogs with a good niche and a wide readership, they can save much more yet generate great traffic on their sites.

There are advertising websites which connect advertisers and bloggers, giving them the opportunity to earn income in harmony. Advertisers can post opportunities for bloggers to choose to review. The advertisers set guidelines on what the bloggers can write in their reviews and once the advertisers approves the bloggers’ reviews, a payment method will be generated online through online banks such as Paypal or AlertPay.

Blogs are very effective advertising tools and they can benefit not only the advertisers but the bloggers as well.

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