Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sushi Time

Must I blurt out that I love eating food? I'm in for any adventure especially when it comes to food! I even have my own food blog The Food Lover where I post different kinds of food I love eating and recipes of food I love cooking.

My latest post is a photo of four sushi pieces. There are different kinds of sushi and these darlings belong to the makizushi group.

Makizushi are rolls of rice, vegetables and seafood wrapped in nori or dried seaweed wrap.

These maki are composed of sushi rice, crab, and some vegetables rolled together in a tight seaweed wrap. I loved dipping them in soy sauce and wasabi.

It's been a long time since I had sushi and I'm glad I had them once again.

Maybe I'll have some more soon...


Anonymous said...

thanks to my japanese relatives, i was able to eat some japanese foods. unfortunately, i don't like them. ahahaha

Angela AMP said...

hahaha! they're yummy if you give them a second chance...

i even love sashimi more! :D

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