Monday, September 14, 2009

Do You Remember The Time?

I had quite a lot of adventures and (misadventures) way back in my younger days. I just had fun reminiscing about those times and believe me I still wonder how I lived through them. I lived one day at a time and sometimes the days were too fast they passed by like a blur…

I wasn’t being fair to some people especially to my parents since they never knew (and still have no idea) that I had wasted a lot of money on mindless things. Back then it was cool to drink, smoke, and just let things be. Now I have realized it’s not easy to spend hard-earned money if you are the one doing all the earning… Spending is easy if you never had to lift a finger to earn the dough.

Cleaning and sobering up could be a sign of maturity in my own vocabulary even though to some it is not the case. Who cares anyway? But I am glad I’m over it and I am more than glad to say that I have a lot of stories to tell when I’m older. I never regretted a moment in my past. There were some things I silently wished never happened but right now, I’m glad they did. I’ll never get to where I am today if I never did all those crazy stuff back then.

Life is weird and so was I and I am still.

-reposted from a Hubpage dated 06/02/08

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