Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PAGLANTAW: Visions of the Past and of the Future

Visions of the Past and of the Future

"You cannot change the past or the future. Instead of changing the past and future, what you do is create them."

The past and the future cannot be changed, yet they can be created and re-created in various ways through a person’s imagination and they can be manifested in various forms whether through literature, the performing arts, or the visual arts.

Memories and dreams help a person create or re-create a distant past or a forthcoming future. With visual art, these visions can be exhibited through paintings and works of various media that is why Circulo de Arte and the Circulo de Arte Alumni have come together to look back on the past and look forward to the future through PAGLANTAW: Visions of the Past and of the Future, a collaborative group art exhibit.

A vision of the past: In 1995, students of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan who were art enthusiasts gathered together and formed the Ateneo Art Society and looked forward to create an established art organization in the campus.

In 1996, the core group of students through the help of the organization moderator Mr. Pennessencio “Nonoy” Estarte, renamed the group into Circulo de Arte, and aimed to gather more art enthusiasts in Xavier University in order to share, develop, and exhibit various art ideas and techniques. From then on, generations of young artists and their art have graced the halls and walls of Xavier University and other establishments through Circulo de Arte group art exhibits.

Now celebrating its 14th year as a school-based art organization, Circulo de Arte looks forward to creating a flourishing future in art by creating visions that are never impossible to attain, always within reach through art and imagination.

We invite you to view PAGLANTAW and have the opportunity to see different visions of the past and of the future through colorful works by young artists.

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