Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Body Painting

For more than a couple of months, Awatiro and I have been thinking of doing something like this - a body painting session!  We're kinda bored and we wanted to entertain ourselves and we're lucky that we found people who are willing to contribute their time and services for free all for the sake of art!

I did most of the color splashing on Mina and Johnny with the help of Sharon.  I already had ideas in my head on what to paint but I had been under so much stress and I didn't have enough sleep, I messed up with the plans!  Well excuses aside, I was more than ready to give up but they cheered on... I didn't want to take them down with me that's why we pushed through until almost 9pm...

I know I could have done better if I didn't give in to my mood swings but hey, we were already there that day...There's no turning back!

To the four of you, thank you very much! 

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Aloud said...

Very nice

Kriza @ cagayan de Oro Philippines said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the body painting. How much is the cost for this?

Angela MP said...

Thanks for the comments! :D

@Kriza: I only do this as a hobby. I am still studying if I should make it a money-making venture. However, I could negotiate the cost with those who are interested with my services. Would you be kind enough to share tips with me? Thank you! :D

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