Friday, November 14, 2008

CDO Bloggers Unite!

Finally the bloggers in Cagayan de Oro have thought of uniting themselves and organized a group!

Yeah I know my “news flash” might be a bit late since the first meet up of some bloggers happened Friday last week and the second meet up was last Wednesday AND I wasn’t able to attend both! Well not yet!

Through the efforts of CDO people who love blogging and the internet especially Chiq Montes who created, some blogophiles in the city have shared their views and plans for the said up and coming group. The group aims to unite the bloggers in CDO; create impact in society; share common goals and interests with each other; and serve as a support group for bloggers in the city.

The group also looks forward to promote Cagayan de Oro by blogging about places, attractions and events in the city; blog about the people; and blog about one’s pride as a Kagay-anon.

I can’t put much in detail yet since as I have said, I have not joined a meet-up yet. I’ve only read the print-out. However I am encouraging all bloggers from CDO to join the group and sign up in its own social network

If you are a blogger nga Kagay-anon, whether you are currently residing in the city or not, better join the forums and help the community grow and become fruitful…

Kinsa pa man magtinabangay kita-kita ra man gyapun mga tao sa Dakbayan sa Bulawanong Panaghigalaay!


Anonymous said...

my friend larong who is currently based in CDO shell depot doesn't like to write blogs.. aheheh.

I'm not sure if we have such groupings in cebu. if there are, i don't think i will have the time to join though.. soooooooooo busy. weee

Awa Tiro (The Copycat) said...

meaning puede jud ko mo apil ani? I mean sa CDO Bloggers?

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