Saturday, November 15, 2008

We're All Connected

You HAVE TO PRESS PLAY and listen to this song!

The very first time I've heard this song was when I was in grade school more than a decade ago...errr...but I am not that old yet... Hahaha!

Anyway, since then I've learned to love listening to Joey Ayala because his songs touch the core of the soul and express what has been, is still going on, and what is about to happen to man, the country, and the world.

I love this particular song since it speaks of how we are all connected not just with nature and the environment but also with each other. If we try to understand the song deeply, Joey already talked about environmental issues way back then...seems like none of us paid close attention since we are currently experiencing the dreaded climate change. It's unusually hot during the day and unusually cold at night. We experience dry spells during wet months and heavy rains during dry months. The usual climate patterns went nuts and even the meteorologists a.k.a. weathermen, have a hard time distinguishing what's going to happen next.

So what happens now? Playing the song is not enough. Talking about climate change in shows, forums and blogs is not enough. Donating money is not enough. Relying on people who only love talking about the issue and not doing their parts is never enough.

It has been said over and over that change begins within oneself. We are all aware that we are all connected and we should be constantly aware of that. I know you would not want to harm yourself... If you don't want something bad to happen to you, better not do anything which can harm others too. Yes, it's the same Golden Rule over and over and over again...

If you do not want the environment to harm you, better do your part in preserving it and nurturing it.

Every small thing you do counts.

Start by not throwing your candy wrappers just about anywhere... Stuff your garbage in your pockets instead when you can't find a garbage bin nearby and dispose of the garbage whenever you can do so properly.

Conserve water and energy. Close faucets tightly. Unplug unused appliances.

Don't smoke or use smoke-belching vehicles. You would not want to inhale bad air or do you?

Once or more in a week try commuting or riding a bike instead of driving your car. You can help minimize air pollution AND you can save money on gas.

Recycle. Make use of used stuff. You can create new stuff with old stuff. If you don't want your old clothes or things, donate them to people who can make use of them.

We may not be able stop the drastic changes in the environment but hey, let's not give up and throw in the towel. Just hope and pray that you will not reach a day in the future when you will regret that you never did a thing to help fight climate change.


Ivana said...

great song and it's great to see your careness to the environment. Have a great weekend and feel free to visit my
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bevs said...

nice kaayo neh anjie. Fabulous songs...

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