Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's All In The News

Whenever we watch, listen to, or read news in the Philippines, most of us cringe at the sights and/or sounds of ugly and indigestible stuff which make us lose our sanity or appetite for a moment…or sometimes for long periods of time…Who would want to have dinner while listening to endless rants about scams and while watching bloody accidents and killings???

Let's be thankful I suppose since it is not only in Pinas where weird stuff can be found… In other words, hindi lang mga Pinoy ang mga sira-ulong tao sa mundo!!! Errrrr…in English, what I meant to say is that Filipinos are not the only weird or insane people on this planet!!!

The following are some stuff you might find either interesting or stupid or both. You can click on the links to see their full stories.



In Chicago, Illinois the town of the newly-elected Obama, a woman was found living with three dead siblings. The elderly lady was found shacking up with a decomposed body and two skeletons. The remains of her siblings were found in different parts of the house and were covered in sheets.

So weird…who would want to live with dead people?

“I see dead people…and I live with them…”

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In Dayton, Ohio a 38-year old woman was arrested for punching her 12-year old daughter in the face while talking to police officers. The police officers were at the woman’s residence because she wanted them to pick up her two sons who were in another part of town. The woman got pissed with her daughter because she kept coming in and out of the room. Out of nowhere she hit the girl in the face and wham she was arrested on the spot!

Tsk tsk… hitting a KID in FRONT OF POLICE OFFICERS… Bad move momma!



In the land of Prince William, a British police officer was arrested and sent to prison for having admitted to have had sex with a woman while on duty and for proposing to do the act with another woman. The married police officer worked late night shifts and went to the first woman’s house to have dinner and sex afterwards. Well that’s “normal” since they were in a relationship for a year…However, the second woman was somebody he arrested and propositioned to have sex with. The woman said NO and bammmm he was reported to the authorities.

Mister officer will be caressing the cold iron bars of the jail he’s in…and maybe some inmate’s ass…



In the Land of the Rising Sun, a male Japanese air force major was caught naked while shopping for women’s lingerie. The major has been suspended for 10 days for having just his wallet and shoes on him, thinking that people will find it funny if he went to the store buck naked.

Surprise, surprise!!! That was really funny major!

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Still in Japan, a woman was arrested for committing virtual murder to her online husband!!! The 43-year old woman plays the online game Maple Story and was upset that her online husband divorced her. Missus was deranged and killed her online husband’s character. If she will be found guilty for manipulating electronic data, she will be sent to prison for up to five years.

Well, somebody has taken the virtual world too seriously…too bad she's not allowed to serve time in a virtual jail.


Had enough for today?


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