Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Watch Your English!

Today had been quite a day for us here in CDO since we are experiencing/had experienced another day of bad weather. On the way to work I had to go through heavy traffic on our normally traffic-less road, and the only available public transportation I was able to get my a$$ into had to go through knee-deep water. Thank goodness we were able to pass through.

As the day progressed and I surfed some sites for news, I came across this article by one of my favorite columnists Mr Butch Dalisay. Mr Dalisay is adept with writing in English and he is a professor in one of the country's prestigious universities. In his article he mentioned irritating Pinoy expressions most of us erroneously use either consciously or not. He also mentioned his article in the previous week where he started the discussion of such annoying expressions. I thank him for writing those articles since it opened up my eyes and made me reflect.

Majority (if not all) of us Filipinos do not have English as our first language thus we tend to have difficulty in communicating in the language. English is being taught in schools from elementary to tertiary school yet most of us still have a hard time in expressing ourselves in the language. We can only conclude a few things: either the English taught in our schools and our English teachers were in poor standing; we never paid attention during English class; or we never really gave a damn and we refused to learn.

English and Reading had been my favorite classes in grade school and I commend our English teachers for being tough on us when it came to spelling, subject and verb agreement, and sentence construction. In high school our English teachers scrutinized our schoolwork and encouraged us to polish our grammar. In college, our instructor in Basic College English (may her soul rest in peace, she passed away last month) was very kind to us and showed us how to be better with the language. For the rest of the college English classes I had, I can't remember if my other instructors had been strict with the rules of the language. I never really gave a damn.

English is an important language since it is used in many fields internationally and locally. However, one's knowledge of the language does not necessarily measure what kind of person he or she is. It is a great advantage for a person if he or she has a good command of English and he or she can apply it in his or her daily life especially on his or her job. Nevertheless knowledge of the language does not automatically mean that the person who can communicate with it will have a better life than those who can't.

I work as a content provider for websites and I am quite alarmed that my grasp of the English language is quite limited. I even have a hard time constructing quality articles since I have not had formal training in writing but I am trying my best to be less erroneous and ignorant than I had been before.

I am currently laughing at the title of this post. I have a feeling that it is not appropriate. If it is indeed wrong, please tell me so I can correct it.

I have a feeling that it is another irritating Pinoy expression!

Well I don't give a damn...

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