Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Freedom from a Cold Heart

Many months ago I came across this poem by Cyantre on deviantArt and I found it heart-wrenching... So sad... So honest...

Incapable of Love

Don't trust me.
You may say that you love me,
and I might say it too,
but don't believe it to be true.

Don't get in too deep.
I am shallow,
and I won't allow you to drown.
I'll turn your whole world upside-down.

Please don't trust me with your fragile glass heart.
In my hands, it's guaranteed to break apart.

I can't handle love's flames.
Ice runs through my veins,
just to keep me sane.

I'm sorry.

It was real, but then it faded.
It's not your fault that I'm this jaded.

You deserve better than me,
so I will let you go.

Now, you are free.

Then sometime yesterday I found this other poem still written by Cyantre:

Move On

The year may change, but you stay the same.
Vines and brambles hold you down,
to twist the sounds of all your saying.
A heart-half yours, is worth betraying.

Snakes alive, like your lies,
braided together. Bitten
as the colorless liquid of self-esteem
drips from my mind
onto the soft desert sand.
I remain parched, alone,
searching for warmth.

The dark heart I loved
can only be seen
when candles are held up to you.
Extinguish the flame,
and walk away.

Trust not the voice of insincere regret,
as choices like stones remain set.

Better to be alone,
than to be held down
by a lover always on loan.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Snakes alive, like your lies,
braided together.

Still my favourite hehe.

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