Monday, January 12, 2009

Whatever Happened to My CDO?

Whatever happened to my garden of black roses?

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Since the beginning of 2009, my dear hometown had been drenched in hostile waters. It has had experienced a few sunny days but in a span of a week, Cagayan de Oro had experienced severe flooding and a lot of people had been displaced due to high waters.

I know a lot of people might scorn me and tell me that I don’t have the right to blog about the floods since I have not experienced them first hand. Our house had not been among those which had been flooded since it is situated on an elevated area yet I have a lot of friends and some relatives who went through that deluge. I am not as cold-hearted as I seem because my heart goes out to all those who went through it. Besides, who would want to see one’s hometown suffering from such an undesired and unexpected calamity? Who would want to know that the river rafts normally used by people for adventurous adrenaline rush had been used as rescue boats? Who would want to know that children have gone missing and a person died because of the said disaster?

There had been many causes why CDO had been flooded. We just can’t blame the bad weather. Each of us is to blame for what caused it. All of us had been careless in taking care of our environment. Improper garbage disposal, air and water pollution, and non-conservation of energy and resources could be the root causes of such a disaster. Other more organized activities such as illegal logging, illegal quarrying and illegal mining can also be pointed as the culprits of destruction.

Blame it on the weatherman for not predicting such heavy rains to come…but then the weather is expected to change unexpectedly…It is fickle like a woman… Well, these floods are the results of our contributions to climate change.

Nobody wanted these floods to happen…but they did!

Can we keep on blaming other people?


Who is to blame?




We're all connected... In our own little ways we can help prevent disasters such as these to happen.

If you don’t know what else to do, then PRAY!

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