Friday, March 20, 2009

Color My World

I took this pic last night before I TRIED to draw something nice (it turned up ugly). The pencils are proof that I have been quite lazy with drawing and stuff. Would you believe that these darlings are in my possession for more or less four years??? They don't look like they have been used often.

These babies are actually Ian's "old stuff" and he sent them over so I can make use of them. Well I haven't!!! Somebody told me I should refresh my memory and tell my hands that there had been a time I knew how to draw...

Hmmm maybe I knew how...maybe I THOUGHT I knew how but actually I DON'T... Tsk tsk...

I quote one of my heroes: "Believe it or not, I can actually draw." -- Jean Michel Basquiat

1 comment:

Odessa said...

ahahha you should use them before they self destruct :-)

ofcourrrse you can draw. my my now is not the time to doubt, when what you have are history and lists of experiences, just need to add up more and more learnings maybe :-D

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