Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Want Letters in My Mailbox!

Even at this time when everything is almost electronic and digital, I still go for some things which are quite nostalgic. Nowadays we keep contact with our family and friends through the internet –- instant messengers and e-mail. I love the speed of electronic messaging because I can send and receive messages with just a click of a button. However, the old-fashioned part of me would still love to receive hand-written letters in the mail no matter how long it would take them to reach me.

Since most people rely on e-mail, I now rarely receive personal letters on my mailbox at home. I still receive letters in the mail alright—most of them are newsletters and bill statements! I have decided on availing of a commercial mail box service that asks for a cheap fee every month and it is located just near my workplace so I can just drop by easily in between breaks.

I am just wondering if they are using mailboxes which are made of quality materials. I would recommend that they should invest in commercial mailboxes which could withstand wear and tear. I would not want my mail to be poorly stored and I would want my personal stuff to be secured. Hmmm…maybe they should use
cluster mailboxes which are built in the way to be really tough and secure.

Anyway, I have a friend who also loves receiving letters in the mail. She lives in an apartment and she said the landlord uses apartment mailboxes where all the tenants' mail are stored. She said that all her mail are secured and she can retrieve them with ease, she just drops by her mailbox whenever she goes home from work.

I would love it if I can receive more mail in the future and my friend hopes the same too! We are hoping for more letters especially the more personal handwritten ones, not just those newsletters and statements!

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