Friday, May 22, 2009

Acobay: The Newest Social Network on the Block!

Social networking sites are sprouting like mushrooms nowadays and each of them has services and features which aims to capture the interest of more users. Most of the social networks which have now become mainstream started with humble beginnings and they have grown into giants in the world wide web because their users like spending time in their sites.

I am a member of various social networking sites (more than twenty to be frank!) and I must say I can’t help but compare and contrast each and every one of them. I have maintained the ones which I find to be helpful in my life while those which are not easy to navigate and not interesting enough for me I have left unattended.

The other day I came upon a new social site: Acobay. I am still getting to know Acobay and so far I think it rocks! The users of the site get connected with each other through stuff they share. The stuff that each user shares like kinds of computers, cars, music, games, movies, and so on allows him or her to connect with the users who share the same stuff.

One of the stuff I shared is the kind of computer I use…I was amazed to find people who use the same brand and model too! I then shared the model and brand of digital camera I use to take pictures and whallaa! I found more people who use the same kind of camera! I shared the movies, books and music I love and got connected with more and more people!  

I am still getting to know more about Acobay and I think I will love it more as time goes by. I get to make connections with people who share the same interests with me and what’s more, I find it fun!  

Join me in Acobay and let's experience a different kind of social network!

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