Monday, May 18, 2009

Bright Lights

The Aurora Borealis

Auroras are natural light displays in the sky which are usually seen on night skies on the polar regions. In northern latitudes the effect is known as the Aurora Borealis named by Pierre Gassendi after Aurora the Roman goddess of the dawn and Boreas the Greek name for north wind. The southern counterpart of the northern lights is Aurora Australis.

As a curious child I loved burying my nose in books and many things have fascinated me. I have read and fantasized about this phenomenon of lights even though I knew since then that I will never see it unless I go to the places where they can be seen...the places near the poles!

Someday...someday... for now I'll just look at photographs of the beautiful bright lights...


Odessa said...

haha! interconnected jud mo sa imong best friend :)

i remember if naa daw cya chance to change her name or naa cya anak she'd name the child aurora in honor of this. :p

Angela AMP said...

hahaha! maybe you forgot, we're not best friends...

she can name her child aurora if she wants...keber...hahaha! :p

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