Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do You Want 56 Permanent Stars On Your Face?

What would you do if a guy draws 56 stars on your face and you won't be able to rub them off with soap and water? That's the sad fate of Belgian teenager Kimberley Vlaeminck who sued the tattoo artist who put too much stars on her face.

The eighteen year old said she only wanted three stars on her face but she happened to doze off during the process. She woke up in pain when the tattoo guy started to put stars on her nose. She was surprised that the guy turned her face into a galaxy!

The tattoo artist said that the teenager agreed to have fifty-six stars tattooed on her face but only complained when she went home and her father got mad with what happened.

What should we learn from this young woman's experience? If you want a tattoo, better make it clear with the artist what you want, how big do you want it and how many do you want of it. It is also very important to never fall asleep while you are getting yourself inked!

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