Thursday, June 18, 2009

Medical Alarm Devices for Elderly People

My grandfather suffered a stroke last year and since then there had been many changes in his life. He is not his usual self who goes to town whenever he feels like it and do whatever he feels like doing. His stroke changed him; he used to be quick moving yet now he has become a slow, cane-holding old guy. Sometimes he needs to be followed around but there are times when he wants to be his usual independent self and goes around by himself.

My grandfather’s condition worries most of us in the family. What if he goes around by himself and falls off from a flight of stairs or slips on wet pavement? How would he call for help if no one is around?

I happened to stumble upon medical alarm devices which help a lot of elderly people abroad and I wish it is available here. The alarm is composed of two devices one is for the home and the other one is a GPS tracking bracelet that the elderly can wear.

The medical alarm home device has a fall alert detector that alerts emergency personnel that the elderly person has fallen or in an emergency situation and can’t even push a button to ask for help. The other device, the GPS tracking bracelet, is equipped with a 2-way speakerphone that the elderly can use like a cellular phone and use it to all for help. It can also be used to track down elderly who can’t remember their way home or who got lost.

Technology has made the lives of the elderly and their families easier. I could only wish that we can get my grandfather a medical alarm kit so that we will be assured that he is safe and well.

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