Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Natural Cosmic Laws

I have read a book on Enlightenment and have found this list of natural cosmic laws to be very useful. Not everyone might believe these laws but then if we try to understand deeper, we will know that these laws really do exist.

A lot of people suffer in their present states because they are not aware of or they violate the natural cosmic laws. The natural cosmic laws are immutable and they apply even if you do not believe in them.

Ignorance of the law excuses no one thus, it is essential that we are aware of the natural cosmic laws in order for us to be guided in our activities in this life.

The Natural Cosmic Laws

The first natural cosmic law is the Law of Reincarnation. Various scientific researches including hypnotic regression which have been conducted in different countries have proven that reincarnation is real. This law states that we can live through several incarnations in order to evolve into a better soul and become a master of matter.

The second law is the Law of Karma. This law proclaims that “Whatever you sow, you reap.” It is also known as the Law of Causality or the Law of Action and Reaction. The three types of karma are: Sinchit karma which is accumulated karma of many lives and constitutes the patterns of actions and reactions; Pralavda karma which is the destiny karma and a part of the Sinchit karma that you are paying off or balancing in your present incarnation; and the Kriyaman karma which is what you choos to do at each instant and only appears in milliseconds, giving you the freedom of choice and it offers escape from destiny karma.

The third is the Law of Sharing. This law states that “As you give, so shall you receive.” It also proclaims that whatever you share with the universe, it will come back to you multifold. Learn to share with joy, don’t count how much you have given but concentrate on the joy you felt when you shared. The art of giving is to give from the heart voluntarily.

The fourth law is the Law of Praise. This law is also known as the Law of Positivity. When you meet people in your life, don’t dwell in their negative aspects; always try to look for the beauty in people. By looking at the beauty in people, we change how we look at ourselves.

The fifth is the Law of Thanksgiving. You may be experiencing misfortunes in your life but nevertheless, give thanks for your blessings. Make it a habit to be grateful for what you have and you will change. In order to change your life, the first thing you should do is change yourself.

The sixth law is the Law of Forgiveness. Recall all the people who have hurt you and caused you pain. You might feel hatred and other negative feelings toward those people and you have to change how you feel. You might also react negatively to other people who resemble the people who have hurt you and it will only cause you to be hurt again and again. Changing how you feel towards those people will help change you. 

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